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Abortional manifesto

Abortion is one of those hot issues that make some people fucking crazy; even normally very sane people. I myself am driven rather insane by this issue, though not directly. I am often crazed with anger by those that feel strongly enough about the issue itself that they feel the need to start shit with people who take related action to protect themselves from harm. Shit-starters are my anathema. And that brings me to my point, to tell them to go fuck themselves, and also to delve into the whole sloppy issue with gusto.

Yesterday, I read this article: The short version of which is that a lady in nebraska's unborn child was declared medically doomed to die a painful death shortly after birth but since the fetus was two weeks past the allowable maturity for abortions, she was forced to continue carrying it, forced to give birth to it, and then forced to watch it die of unavoidable asphyxiation.

Thanks Nebraska legislature! You're awesome!

This is so obviously the perfect reason why the 20 week rule is arbitrary and shitty. Oh but there is a slippery slope! Goodness! What if we take away the rule and then people start aborting 9 month old children who are also doomed to die of asphyxiation upon birth. UM THAT WOULD BE FUCKING FINE.

I know the issue rolls back to the question: "is your life yours?" And the answer to this is so fucking obvious to me that it hurts my spleen to contemplate those who are confused by it. What is the alternative, I ask? Owned by the state? Then why aren't all soldier's conscripted? Why only 25% income tax instead of all of it? Communism is the ultimate incarnation of state-owned citizen's lives, right? And don't we hate communism? Yes we do. Okay, is it owned by civilization in general? When was the last time civilization needing something from me? Is the only thing it needs my life? Why does it need it? Just because. Awesome argument. Not. No, there is no reasonable argument against everyone's life being their own property.

My life is mine and no matter how insane I am, I should never be inhibited from doing any nutbag thing I want to do with it, except for harming someone else. The people who disagree with this are the worst of the arrogant. "No, you shouldn't do that nutbag thing with your own life, because I know better than you what you should do with it. You should be a bus driver. Naturally. So put down that crackpipe, sir." God, soooooo fuck you for telling me I should be a bus driver. I'm going to smoke this crack (in a well ventilated or unpopulated area) until my lungs hurt and then I'm going to jump off a bridge into a rocky ravine.

Okay, so you're going to tell me that I'm crazy and therefore you can put a jacket on me that constrains me from succeeding in my chosen nutbag endeavors until you have some other similarly arrogant codface wave his magic wand of psychoanalysis at me until I speak his language and do your bidding. That sucks, but I can even appreciate your thought here. You want me to act in a way that is in accord with your understanding of healthy and sane. That is at least reasonable. Until you demand that I not escape my pain. Until you tell me that I have to die of asphyxiation rather than take the peaceful method provided by the darling dear of a doctor with his satchel full of IV morphine. "No, you have to die painfully because your life isn't your own, which is true, though I cannot support it reasonably."

Or maybe instead you say "No, you have to die painfully because we cannot give the power to take lives to fallible doctors."

Oh is that your fear? Well why not do what humans always do when they have to make decisions that are too big for a human. Form a fucking committee. That's how we imprison people. Jury committees. And that's how we hand out of the death penalty.

Oh THAT'S RIGHT. The death penalty exists. You amazingly arrogant motherfuckers say that sometimes groups of people are allowed to TAKE the life away from someone entirely against his will, and yet when someone desperately WANTS to die, because his life is nothing but torment, nope, cupcake needs to just suck it up. Does that sound like justice to ANYONE?

But the thing that really drives home the madness of it all. Is that what if this life that is pure torment, what if it has only existed for a tiny short while. What if the body it inhabits is unable to survive in gravity and breathing air? What if the intelligence it supports has gathered no information? What the the sum of everything that makes this life what it has so far become is merely the spent energy of a single woman and a few burritos. Then what say over it do you require? What do you demand from this life, that is causing and will cause nothing but harm until it ceases to exist? What could you possibly want from it to demand that it remain?

The only reasonable answer, and I stretch "reasonably" quite brutally here, comes from mind-numbing levels of blind optimistic idealism. Delusions of utopia, in fact. You have to think "Everything can be saved, and nothing ever has to go to waste." You who believe this are certainly poor, because your economic sense must be nonexistent. Perhaps you are the product of a rich family and never had to support yourself.

Anyone not so cursed, can understand why it is a good idea to cut your losses as soon as you know that your investment will only lead to hardship. This is a universal principle that can be applied to anything that can be referred to as an investment at all. That includes people, motherfuckers. People are an investment. You put energy and comfort and wealth and time into growing them up, learning them up, and hope that eventually they become useful contributing members of some community somewhere. And if you have the chance to realize that that final product isn't going to become what it should, way before a tiny fraction of all the energy and comfort and all the crap that goes into raising a child is expended, then it's time to celebrate, mom! Okay well not celebrate; maybe you're pissed it didn't work out, maybe you're heartbroken because you've invested emotionally and now you'll need to tear part of your heart out to hit reset. But at least you get to try again and get it right, and don't have to just deal with a mistake that would have done nothing good but only suck the life out of you and hurt you worse than anything you've yet felt. Oh, well, unless the government tells you you're not allowed to, that you have to endure the sentence of torture, and for no good reason. Thanks Nebraska!

I'm not even going to bring up all the religious arguments. Even if you support what I'm talking about here, your god doesn't, unless your worship Bhaal, the god of murder. Your god can blow me.

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