the finest mofo this side of the west side (vicariance) wrote,
the finest mofo this side of the west side

oh aim you dirty minx

ctstorm4: hey
me: hey!
ctstorm4: hey whats up?
me: the ceiling
    and the stars
    and the outer ring planets
    and the cirrus clouds
ctstorm4: im bored wanna do something fun with me?
me: like play in a lightning storm naked?
    give to me
    give me the link baby!
ctstorm4: i found this iq test take it with me and lets see who gets higher
me: woo
    there it is
    well done
    link delivered
    rock on with your bot self
ctstorm4: k brb im going to get a drink and take it..
me: ha
    k l8r dude!
ctstorm4: no lol its me
me: lol!
    yeah it's you
    even if you're human, you're still a bot
ctstorm4: i got 103 haha what did you get?
me: haha!
    103 too how weird!
    that's just crazy
    gosh I'm glad we met
    you are so great
    thank you for informing me of this wonderful way to discover my IQ
    I will make haste to share this bounty with all my other online friends
    but none of them are as nice as you
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