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The saga of my Lightsaber's battery fail

On 4/27/2012 3:51 AM, Ryan Mills wrote:
Dear Ultrasabers,

I ordered the Phantom Initiate V3 on February 24th and up until a few minutes ago, I have been profoundly satisfied with every aspect of this purchase. The lightsabers I purchase from you are without a doubt the best purchase I have ever made. I have been dancing with them almost every day and everyone who sees them has been impressed. I always tell them of your site and I imagine I have sent at least one new customer your way and am extremely proud to do so.

Today however, disaster struck and I discovered that the leads which connect to the Lithium Ion battery pack in one of my sabers spontaneously disconnected. The problem is very obvious to the naked eye, as is its solution given the proper tools. Tools which I unfortunately lack. I am writing to you for guidance. Would you have my send my saber back to you so that you can reconnect the leads, or should I go on a quest to find the right kind of tools to reconnect them myself while causing minimal damage to the wires and battery pack?

I am including a photograph of the problem to further enhance the clarity of my issue.

I deeply appreciate your consideration and eagerly await your reply. I am truly serious when I say that going without my saber for even a few days will be an ordeal for me.

Faithfully yours,
Ryan Mills
future jedi knight

On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 2:16 PM, Emory Harris wrote:

Very sorry to hear that this happen to your saber. This is still covered under warranty so we can definitely get this fixed for you.

Please mail to us a COMPLETE copy of this entire email chain (VERY VERY IMPORTANT) and the hilt ONLY to:

ATTN: Repairs
3581 Nantes Ct
San Jose, CA 95148

We will get this inspected and fixed and shipped back to you asap.

-Emory Harris

Dear Emory,

Thank you for your response and your sympathy. It is reassuring that you are willing to cover my saber under a warranty, however I was unable to wait even the time it took you to make the reply, much less the time it would take for me to send my hilt back to you and repair it and wait for it to come back to me again before I have a working pair of lightsabers. To that effect, I threw myself into understanding the method by which the leads were connected to the battery pack and how I could reconnect them. It was arduous and challenging but I was successful. I had to strip the wires back a bit in order to reconnect them to the terminals. I also decided to connect the leads OUTside of the battery pack housing instead of inside as they were built by you. I believe the disconnection problem I encountered was a result of the method I use to extract the batteries from the pack; I pry them out by inserting a butter knife between the battery's positive terminal and the pack's lead terminal. But since the wires go inside the housing to attach to the metal of the lead terminal, my butter knife prying most likely just sliced right through them.

This happened because of a minor design flaw: Either the leads to the pack terminal should be outside the housing, or the batteries should be extricable without needing to use a prying bar or psychokinesis.

So the leads to one of my sabers now connect on the outside of the pack housing and thus only the metal of the leads, not the wires, are inside the pack, so I can pry with abandon.

I'm sure this meddling has voided my warranty, but that's okay. If anything much more serious goes wrong with the sabers, I'll mostly order new ones.

Let me tell you once again that this was the best purchase of my life. You have my eternal gratitude for doing what you do.

Yours truly,
Ryan Mills
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