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Mills, the dragon's secrets of enlightenment

To *enlighten* means to take light within you, or to put it into others.  Light is made up of colors and each color represents a set of significant emotions that add up to define everything we experience; which is why the Chakras are each represented by a certain color--because they are points in our bodies where we process the energy of the light we absorb through our eyes and skin and so the light of each chakra's color is used to help make our body's systems do their jobs!  The root chakra, for instance, is in the lowest point of your body (your colon) and RED is the color of blood, physical energy in motion.  So red light helps your blood do its job and your lower digestive system.  Analogously, experiencing the emotions that are associated with the color red also affect the body's systems ruled by the root chakra, both positively and negatively.

Red is the color of blood, and so it is the color of physical desire, of rage and passion without intimacy.  It is also the color of safety, of responsibility, and of repetition, deceleration, and reversal.  Traffic signs that are red want the most attention, and a traffic light that is red wants you to slow to stopping.
Yellow is the color of the sun, and thus fatherly love, which can be harsh even when it is beneficial, just as too much of the sun's light can burn.  Yellow the color of joy and freedom and self-awareness and therefore also the color of power and decision making.  Thus we decide what to do at a yellow traffice light: speed up? or slow down?
Orange is the combination of red and yellow; the color of honey.  What happens when you mix physical desire with joy and self-awareness?  Sex of course!  The good kind: consentual and pleasurable.  That's why orange is also the color of danger, caution, restraint, and doubt.  Achieving sex with someone and maintaining a healthy balance of power is challenging, but that's the kind that produces romantic love.
Green is the color of natural life, the life produced by mother Earth, and so it is the color of growth, complexity and of motherly love; therefore green is also the color of abundance and acceleration and accomplishment.  And so we GO when the traffic light is green, towards unconditional love and abundance.
Blue is the color of water, beauty and appreciation, intimacy and expression, and therefore understanding, which leads to serenity and friendship.
Dark blue, or indigo, is the color of the night sky.  It is the color of thought, of knowledge itself and the color of communcation without delay, thus it is the color of the third eye, of intuition, and of psychic transmission and reception.
Violet is the color of cosmic energy, thus is the color of the mystical world, of prana (or mana).
(Therefore purple is the color of magic: which is the ability to accomplish something without knowing how.)

In addition to absorbing light through your eyes and skin (and your third eye), you also absorb the energy of the things you eat, and those things primarily contain kinds of energy which is descernible by what color the food is!  So eating green foods is good for your heart chakra, thus good for your heart, which is your emotional center!  That might be why vegetables are so important :)

The quick and dirty method to tell if you chakras are out of balance: look down at your clothes. Is there a predominant color? Out of balance people naturally seek to wear the clothes of the color they need more energy for. If you are wearing grey, rainbow, or a combination of black and white you are probably in balance, if not, not.  People wearing red to orange are seeking carnal pleasure, or control of others.  They want sex or to get into a fight.  Yellow to Green is happiness and love, they want to connect with others emotionally.  Smile at those people :)  Blue is the color of expression and beauty.  Those people want to see or hear something pretty.    People wearing purple or pink are going to be lots of fun ;)

I recently discovered that the Chakras blend perfectly with Maslow's Heirarchy of needs!

chakras 3

I was amazed to see how many graphics of the maslow's hierarchy have the levels colored in, but in the wrong colors! Also, interesting, and funny, and a little sad, how many depictions of both maslow's hierarchy AND the chakras (with correct colors) included sex in the self-esteem level with the green chakra. Guys! Sex with your true love is awesome. But sex is about as related to love as dreams are to careers: you do not need one to have the other, but the best case is when you have both.

Look at how close this one got it:

And yet missed the simple fact that CONCERNS FOR SAFETY and SECURITY are so obviously ORANGE. Hello??BlkBaseCones
what do these little guys mean?  Yeah, everyone knows ORANGE means "Watch out!"  "Danger!" "Be careful" "Caution" which lead you to safety.  It's not even in the order of the rainbow, sheesh!

Ah well, that's what the Dragon is here for.


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