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vicariance's Journal

the finest mofo this side of the west side
2 August 1981
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I am a passionate person, sometimes subtly, other times like a brick to the face.

I once described my personality as threefold: harlequin, philosopher, & paladin. I can be as silly as I can be thoughtful as I can be valiant. I never stay just one for long.

My circle of concern is focused tighter than my circle of influence. I do not worry much about world events, politics and such. I usually manifest an opinion for any issue brought to my attention, but in general, I have no idea what's going on with the world at large, and I rarely care when I find out.

I believe in the incalculable value of liberty. I'm okay with government working towards helping its people not destroy themselves, as long as that help may be refused.

I believe in bravery and sandwiches.

I am a web programmer and IT Expert for the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Program Development and Evaluation Center. I'm pretty well paid and appreciated. Go through cycles of extreme slackatude and obsessive working

I host a Thursday night dinner which has waxed and waned between full-out weekly parties and intimate gatherings for almost five years. They are the highlight of my life. There is no greater pleasure for me than to bask in the warmth of my loved ones' merriment.
...also my webpage is the first hit for "gainesville dinner":

I used to think to myself whenever I considered possibility of my own death (usually during airplane travel) that I would be PISSED if I died, because I knew my destiny lay in great and passionate romances, and that I had not had them yet. I have now had my share of great and passionate romances, and while I would not be as pissed if I died today, I do crave ever more romance.

I believe that simultaneous romantic love with multiple people is possible because love is not a limited, expendable resource; I believe that jealousy is an obsolete emotion, a function of selfishness and insecurity, and residual of doctrine that was relevant when society needed to be subdued and ruled over; and I believe that consensual sex can and should be an activity with no negative aspect.

I have an excellent life.

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